for joanna

you may be the only person who ever reads this and that’s okay by me! 🙂 because you will understand me. and for that you deserve the Nobel prize. 🙂 i’ve missed having a blog and never capitalizing sentences and most proper nouns.

2012 was a good year. much better than 2011. so i hope 2013 will only improve upon that. in celebration of starting a new blog and having new goals for a new year, i feel that it is important to look back on what we are leaving behind.

in 2012:

our lovely daughter had her 1st birthday

she finally started sleeping mostly through the night

she slept one day until 10:30 and it was like heaven

i quit working in a perpetual hell and tater tot became a daycare drop out, both positive events

i started school, a 9 year goal finally being accomplished

M watched the Avengers in 3-D (when i asked him what important events happened this year, this is what the husband came up with)

we went on no vacations, except to the kiddie pool in the back yard

casey started running – fast

we learned how to discipline a child and how not to, solely by how we felt about it

our dog somehow got an autoimmune disease in which all of her nails fell off

i did a lot of laundry

i learned that money for a lot of people creates misery

i learned that you’re stuck with your family even if you don’t want to be

i read 2 books other than text books ( in a  whole year…. need to work on that)

i taught the child to jump on the bed, and sort of competitively run

i bought a lot of movies and toys from consignment sales

Christmas was aggravating this year. not really Christmas so much as the family members we are forced to deal with during holidays

i watched A Christmas Story like 49 times

and made candy for the first time. it was too sweet in my opinion. don’t do it next year.

in retrospect, i didn’t do a lot this year. there aren’t a ton of places suitable for a child C’s age so we stay home alot. and pay bills a lot. and watch more tv than we should. so next year, i plan to do more. even if it means going through with some kind-of extreme plans to make things happen. we’ll see how all of that goes.

i hope the coming year is absolutely wonderful for everyone! here’s to you!


One thought on “for joanna

  1. Yay!! Thank you Amy for naming yor first post after me:) I haven’t got mine up and running yet.. I’ve been a bit grumpy today so I was waiting till I was in a better space.. But maybe I should go for it anyhow cause there will always be another mood I suppose:)
    Well you will be the first to see my new post!!

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