is going to be awesome!

let’s start the new year by living our lives to be the people we want to be.

screw what other people think.

live your life and be happy.

you only get to do it once.

sing in the morning.

dance, even if you don’t do it well. bust a freakin’ move!

jump on the bed!

take a shower with stuff that smells amazing and sing in the flipping shower.

watch less tv and listen to more music.

put the freakin’ phone down and focus on something that you like. reading, painting, anything.

drink more water.

go outside. even if you just sit there. get out there!

paint your toes colors that you like. not what’s “in”.

have fun however you can!

and do something everyday that gets you closer to your goals.

and say your prayers. thank God for everything He’s given you. if you try listing it all, you will realize just what you have and how amazing your life is.

some days will suck this year.

not everyday will be all sunshine and rainbows.

but let those days roll off of your back like water.

bad days never last.

and clean your freaking car out. and vacuum it. and put your cds in something so that you can find the cotton-picking things when you need to.

and buy yourself a coffee cup or something that makes you happy in the mornings.

and fill it with your coffee flavored creamer if that makes you happy. or juice or water. whatever.

and start getting your eyebrows waxed instead of plucked for heaven’s sake!

i’m gonna love my life this year and stop feeling so old. and stop acting so old.

let’s do this!


2 thoughts on “2013

  1. amen!:)
    i love all of those!!
    keep on keeping on sister:) i am going to turn on some tunes and dance right after i am done writing this–just for you and well because I am an AWEESOMME dancer..haha!!

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