banana nut cheerios

that’s what I bought today. and they’re awesome! M bought Captain Crunch. because it’s pretty i guess. 🙂 why is any of this important? it’s really not. it’s just what we did today. like i said, not much going on while M’s been on vacation. he’s a big time home-body type and would never leave the house if it weren’t for his demanding, cabin-fever-having wife. so where did we go? to Walmart. also known as the Antichrist. i hate Walmart. but there is nothing around here. it’s actually a little weird just how many Walmart’s we have. they built a new giant super center in Easley last year. now they’re building one in Pickens and in Powdersville. Both of those towns are approximately 15 minutes away from the giant one in Easley. there is a Walmart in every town around here except for the little town i live in. ick.

anyway, we had a trip to the local money-suck and came straight back to the house.

whew!! romantic! adventurous! time of my life! not so much. 🙂

we played in the yard, came in and watched Winnie the Pooh, and the two stooges passed out on the couch, on me, leaving me awake to watch the Golden Girls all alone. i couldn’t move, not even to pee.

and that is my cereal-bowl life.

oh! and i did get the whole mess with school straightened out. too bad it took almost my entire break. but i feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off of my chest. too bad the scale doesn’t show what i feel. always a nasty catch.

well, i hope you have a wonderful day! i gotta find something to do before i go bat-crap-crazy up in here.

tootles! <—- my sister used to say this all the time. it drove my nuts. i don’t know why i did that.



One thought on “banana nut cheerios

  1. Hey banana cheerios are way more exciting than he basic Cheerios! So props to you;)
    Yeah I understand your Walmart dilemma when I lived in desolate mt that was the only store! Unless you wanted to drive 4 hrs to a target! Uggh.
    Yeah if you ever want to dislike Walmart more–watch the documentary on Netflix.
    Glad you got school figured out!
    I hope you were able to keep from going bat doody crazy!
    Well ttfn;) (since you are a pooh watcher, I figured you’d get that one!:) ya know leaving “Winnie the” out of the last sentence makes the statement seem..um awkward maybe abit creepy..how did they even get his name pooh?
    And why is his last name sanders? (look above his door)

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