raspberry poptarts

i guess i’m just going to title my posts with what we had for breakfast. does it matter? no. is it adorable? well of course! ha ha!

today has been a great day. we slept until 9:30 and M skipped work today to hang out with us. we ate breakfast, watched some cartoons, and then C and M played in her room for awhile while i attempted to make strawberry candy and apple chips. both turned out horribly, but my house smelled really good! we then went to the park. i was super proud of C for climbing up and down the stairs and slides and for sliding down the big slides without hesitation. she is completely fearless anyway, but watching her play so hard made my heart swell up and come out of my ears! she swung for awhile and jumped and had a good time. then we came home, put in snow white and took a nap.

i’ve got to go pick up diapers, popcorn, and bread in a little bit and while i’m out i’m gonna scoop up something artsy for her to do.

i have a meeting with my adviser tomorrow and it’s “rush” week so i have to order my books. class starts again next monday. i have 3 classes online and 2 i have to go to school for. i’m hoping that 1 of my school classes is unnecessary and i’ll only have to go to school 2 days a week. we’ll see tomorrow.

i hope you have a wonderful day! write to you soon!


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