adventures in babysitting… sort of

currently… i am sitting in my car while two 2 year olds take a nap and there is no way i am getting out until they wake up. my dear sweet cousin dropped her son off at my house this morning and informed me that he had a cough.  all i have to say about that is bull crap.

this child has a fever, fluid draining from his ears, a terrible cough and runny nose, and he threw up on me earlier. i am not amused. did i mention that my 2 year old was healthy before this play date? i am sure that tomorrow she won’t be. i’ll be drowning my family is lysol and running every plastic toy she owns through the dishwasher this evening.

the only perk that this day is having so far is that it is BEAUTIFUL here today. it feels like spring and i love that! i plan on opening all three doors to my house and letting the warm breeze flow through. and hopefully blow the germs out of my house.

i pray that God has blessed C with my immune system and that she will miraculously not get… whatever this is. and i also hope that my cousin does. is that evil? nah, i say it’s only fair. 

anyway, i hope you are having a germ free, spring feeling day! 


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