oh little blog, what shall you be?

So I’ve been thinking about this blog and what i want it to be. Currently, the main things I have going on are: #1) Being a wife and parent, #2) Being a student in my second semester of college, #3) Being poor and trying to not be poor, #4) Being chunky and trying to not be chunky anymore. It’s real world stuff! It’s messy and annoying and wonderful. It’s life! But since I really don’t think anyone wants to hear about how poor I am or how chunky I am, I guess the whole parenting thing would be the most interesting. Although I may include from time to time that I’m poor and chunky. 🙂 I try to put a happy, sarcastic, but funny spin on things.

I don’t have the funds or the time to pretend that life is always great or that I’m the best parent ever. I follow a lot of learning blogs and mommy blogs and I am baffled by their ability to come up with new activities and projects for their kids to do everyday. They potty train their kids in a day, teach them the entire alphabet and to count to 100 by 2 years old, and cook dinner every night to include food just for their toddler so that he or she will consume enough vegetables each day. It’s a swell idea and all, but I’m gonna have to call bs on that. For me, that is not real life. It’s a complete fantasy .

My child has a vast vocabulary and is very smart. She’s also very sweet and happy. But some days I wanna toss her out in the yard. And some nights I’m just happy if she goes to bed clean! She watches tv and plays with regular toys all day. We sing the alphabet in the bathtub and jump on the bed. She also makes a hot mess every time she eats and has a tendency to throw her cup and food once she’s finished. Time out has not cured crap.

There’s a lot that I want her to learn to do, but it’s hard to wait on a 22 month old to pick up her toys when she keeps trying to run away and looks at you like you’re stupid. Don’t hear what I’m not saying… I think every parent should teach his or her kid to do as much as possible and be the best parent he or she can be. But I think it would be more helpful to portray this job realistically. And that’s what I’m going to do. As often as possible. And I think the majority will resonate with that.

I’m not old by any means, but there are days where I feel old from all of this parenting and life-experiencing. I just want to show the world what real life is like; what my life is like. So I’m gonna.

Here we go!


One thought on “oh little blog, what shall you be?

  1. Yes!! I love that you are going to keep it real!! Dont get me wrong I love a good blog/article etc that explains how a person does it all and everything is organized and color coded and “perfect”–well let me say this I Nannied for a family who seemingly had a “perfect life” big new home, expensive clothes, vacation home, pottery barn furniture, cute kids, clean house mom worked out and stayed in shape and they still had an active social life. Wow!
    However the behind the seems was a house cleaner, a nanny (and backup babysitters) personal trainer/nutrition guy, preschool and daycare that took the kids when I didn’t have them from 8-6 two days a week. The parents were super nice but hardly spent any time with their kids..they were so obsessed with keeping up with how it supposedly should be.
    I loved those kids but that job was stressful!!
    The other family was awesome! Very laid back- stay at home mom that just needed some time to herself to run errands and such. She was doing the best she could and was not trying to impress anyone..her daughter would wear the same dress everyday..and her son 3 at the time would sometimes wear a dress..great family! Their house was not pristinely clean, they did not have a house leaner although I would clean from time to time while the kids napped.
    Not sure why I babbled on there..I guess I just wanted to say that I am excited to read real life posts:) although if you get rich and start living high on the hog I will also want to read about that too.. I could read it from my guest house you built me in your back yard near the beach:)

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