those people

Head’s up: This may turn into a rant.

So I’m taking a psychology class this semester that is not helping me to “love people” like I should. Someone can smack my hand later. Anyway, the reason I’m annoyed is that this particular class seems to be full of those people. What do I mean by those people, you say? You know the people who have opinions about things they know nothing about? You’re bound to know one or a hundred.

In this class, we are currently going over positive and negative reinforcement, punishment, and whether or not to spank your children.  And these dumb-dumbs are showing up in droves in the discussion boards writing long monologues about being pro-spanking and pairing scripture with it to back it up. I’m a Christian, but that so annoys me. If your argument is so weak that you have to quote “Spare the rod, spoil the child” for the four billionth time, just zip it. We’ve all heard Proverbs 13:24 until our ears hurt.

But do you know what bugged me wayyyy more than any of that? Like immensely?

The person carrying on about this in our “discussions” DOESN’T HAVE ANY KIDS!


I think people are going to do whatever they want to do when it comes to how to discipline their kids. People that want to spank their kids probably don’t care what your opinion is about them spanking their kids. I don’t spank mine because I don’t think it works. Plain and simple. But you know why I get a flipping opinion? I have one of these little people! And here is an opinion to cover all opinions: if you don’t have children, I don’t even care if you are a professional, don’t air your opinions about how to raise them. If you’re not spending 24/7 caring for a child, worrying about a child, playing referee for a child, feeding and loving a child, keep it to yourself. It is almost guaranteed that you will eat your words once you do finally have one.


{deep breath}

I’m off the soap box and will stay off of there for as long as I possibly can! I had to vent or risk exploding. Like physically bursting. You know how it is!



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