Don’t Sweat Your Girl

If you’ve got a little bouncing, bald-headed baby girl, don’t sweat it! It’ll grow one day. Just keep rubbing that head.

If you dress her in pink and she’s still called “Little Fella” at the store, don’t sweat it! Some people are just special.

If the only distinguishable way you can make people believe she’s a girl is to pierce her ears only to have the $50 earrings-from-Hades come out a week later, don’t sweat it! And don’t take her back.

If your sweet little girl prefers to play with little boy toys like race car tracks, little action figure men, and so on, don’t sweat it! She’s still a little girl. She’s just cooler than most.

If you can’t make your girl look “girly” unless you clip a  big ol’ bow in what little hair she has, don’t sweat it! The bigger the bow, the better!

And the next time someone says, “That’s a handsome little boy you’ve got there” when she’s decked out in pink and purple polka dots and flowers, don’t sweat it! Do what I do and say, “HE sure is!” I mean, there’s no correcting stupid. Seriously, even if you’re color blind, what little boy wears polka dots? I haven’t seen that even once.

Eventually she will grow some hair. We were hoping to have shoulder length locks by her 2nd birthday, but unless some unforeseen miracle occurs or this bottle of Mane and Tail (horse and people shampoo) that my grandmother swears by and sent home in C’s diaper bag starts working, it’s not gonna happen. So now, we are hoping for chin length enough hair to cover her scalp by her 3rd birthday. And Ima keep rubbing her head. You know, to stimulate her scalp into growing Rapunzel-like locks. I’m dying for bows and hair bands!

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat Your Girl

  1. Don’t worry about the hair, it will grow in eventually. My oldest daughter didn’t have hair to speak of until she was well over a year old. My youngest daughter was bald as a pear on her first birthday as well, but had waist length hair by age 18 months. (It’s my boys who both got blessed with a headfull) I assure you both the girls eventually got their hair just fine, and they both have pretty long blonde hair now as teenagers 🙂

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