Being All Domestic


01. I’m baking Banana Bread. Never done that before. I got the recipe out of Bon Appetit. If it’s good, I’ll post the recipe and a picture. If the author is a big, fat liar and it isn’t the most wonderful banana bread in the world, I’ll let ya know.

Banana Bread

02. My husband is trying to quit smoking. And is making me want to drink in the process!

03. Toddler kisses are the best!

04. Toddler elbows are not. Especially when they are digging into your boob.

05. I need to shave my legs. God bless winter time. I’m gonna head to the shower in just a second.

06. My sink is full of dishes from the baking of the banana bread. I am currently taking applications for a live-elsewhere dishwasher. It pays $0, but is a GREAT service opportunity.

dirty dishes

07. My sister pisses me off. I love her, but some days… ergh. I’ll leave it at that.

08. I am diagnosing my daughter with Tornado Syndrome. Since I want to get the word out about this horrible affliction, I feel that it is necessary to list some symptoms. Feel free to talk to your shrink if you think that your children may suffer from this sickness as well.

Your child may suffer from Tornado Syndrome AKA My-Mother-Is-Nothing-But-A-Maid Syndrome if he or she:

  • Has a tendency to clutter your entire house with toys, shoes, clothes, anything else they can reach
  • Throws suckers in the floor
  • Dips stuffed animals in the toilet when you’re not looking
  • Hides his or her cups in strange, invisible places, thus resulting in the discovery of 5 cups you didn’t know you were missing

More symptoms to come.

We’re gonna try treating her disorder with banana bread tonight. And Mickey Mouse. Which will hopefully lead to bed time.

Goodnight guys!




2 thoughts on “Being All Domestic

  1. Aww thank you! That’s so sweet! It turned out pretty good! I made two so I’m getting sick of it pretty fast.My second one stuck to the stinking pan so I sliced it and sent it to work with my husband. I send them my screw-ups. 🙂

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