Brushing Toddler Teeth Sucks and Other Fairy Tales

I am living in a perpetual hell. HELL, I tell you!

What the heck happens to this child when it’s time to brush her teeth! It’s like a rodeo no cowboy can win! In our house, we have thrashing, arms waving, kicking, screaming, and crying. It’s awful! It’s the worst part of my day. I don’t know why the tooth-brush is so darn scary! It has Tinkerbell on it for heaven’s sake! The toothpaste is blue and sparkly and the tube has Woody on it! It doesn’t get any better than that!


We’re all so mad and exhausted by the time we’re finished that we just pile onto the bed and refuse to speak to each other!

In other news, I think Snow White was on a drugs. This “whistle while you work” crap is purely delusional. There is no whistling and working in this house!

Today has just been a crappy day. I met with my adviser this morning who informed me that I’m gonna be stressed for the rest of my college career. I swear they make going to school and getting into programs so much harder than it has to be. To match the doom and gloom, it’s freezing cold and raining here. And I had to climb about 100 stairs outside in this mess to get to this woman’s office. It did not help my mood.

Okay… my cyber hissy fit is over.

If you need some cheering up after reading my post, watch this video. I found it on Pinterest last night and it is awesome! This dog cracked me up. And Casey loves it!

Goodnight y’all!


4 thoughts on “Brushing Toddler Teeth Sucks and Other Fairy Tales

  1. I know my son will only brush his teeth with the “fruity” flavored toothpaste. But that only lasts so long since there is no fluoride. Boooo. Its pretty much the scene you described above when we use the minty one. Exhausting! Hopefully your day gets better!!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Casey’s toothpaste is some kind of fruit flavor, too, so I don’t know what the problem is. Hopefully they’ll get better at this teeth brushing business soon!

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