The Best Parts of My Day

I have to write this journal thing in my English class that’s due at the end of this semester. It’s a really good idea if you aren’t already writing on a blog, writing in other classes, and writing papers for this class. Well, I decided last night to write about the 3 best parts of my day. And the 3 best parts of my day are rather simple.

#1) When Casey wakes up. She’s so sweet and her hair is everywhere and my heart swells a little bit.

#2) I’m gonna tell ya this one in a minute.

#3) When my husband comes home.

Sweeter than sugar, right?? I know I am. 🙂

Okay so about #2… the second best part of my day is, ahem, taking off my bra.

Go ahead and laugh a little bit. Or a lot. Or if you are also well endowed, say “Amen”! There is nothing better than taking that evil contraption off at the end of the day as soon as I get home. I find myself praying that the neighbors don’t stop by and make me have to run to the laundry room to throw on a bra before answering the door. I can literally turn down plans to go to Target if I’m already bra-less and just too darn comfortable to put it back on. Yep. You may think it’s sad, but I think it’s heaven.

And I know you’re thinking, “And you wrote about that for school?” Yes, ma’am. I should add that my professor doesn’t read these though.

And those are the three best parts of my day. The end.

Nah, I’m not done yet. I wanted to add here, for no apparent reason, that Willie Robertson (of Ducky Dynasty) and his kids have the CUTEST dimples in the whole world. I think anyone with dimples is beautiful. You simply cannot be ugly and have dimples. It’s impossible.

I also wanna add that I FINALLY used my Yogalosophy dvd yesterday, and I am hurting all over! Planks are CA-RAZY! I was shaking trying to just hold still. Talk about out of shape! But I did enjoy it. I was happy and motivated when I finished. If you’re looking to try something new, try this dvd.

Well, have a good weekend guys! We’re expecting snow tomorrow which means my state is gonna shut down so y’all wish us luck! We’re hoping to survive these horrible flurries!


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