Sunday Love

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I go to the 9:30 service at my church, eat lunch at my grandparents, and then hang with my husband and daughter the rest of the day. Usually if we go to the park, it’s on Sunday. And today was especially beautiful! It’s still cold here ( in the 40s ), but it’s bright and sunny.

We’ve been lazy today. I’ve watched more than one Tinkerbell on the couch with Peanut. And since I ate too much coconut-pineapple cake after lunch, it’s suited me just fine. So today I just have some random thoughts for ya.

  • If you go to McDonald’s and get the urge to order a Caramel Frappe, just don’t. Even if it’s a small one. There’s so much sugar in it that all you feel after sucking it down is regret. I am guilty of this today.
  • Honeycrisp apples are the best apples ever grown, amen. But they cost a fortune when they are out of season! Which is almost all the time because their season lasts for like a month in August. At least that’s the season down here at the apple farm we go to every year. But I had to have some today so 4 apples costs me $10 at Bi-Lo. I questioned my decision-making skills after that purchase, but they are just too darn good.
  • When I was pregnant with Casey, I hated Winnie the Pooh. Everything seemed to be Winnie the Pooh themed. I refused to buy anything with the little bear’s face on it. But now I love it! I find myself singing his morning exercise song quite often.
  • I still haven’t bought my child a single birthday present. There’s a possibility that we will be moving (I’ll know by tomorrow) so I’m putting off buying her the giant trampoline I had planned to buy. She might just be getting a ton of Melissa & Doug puzzles and toys if we end up moving by the end of the month.
  • I find out what I made on my first paper in my English class tomorrow. I’m afraid my professor is going to rip it to shreds. She’s just very picky.
  • Birthday Cake Oreos are the bomb! I don’t think anyone says that anymore, but they’re seriously awesome! Do yourself a favor and buy some!
  • Casey keeps rubbing her food in her hair, and I totally don’t understand that. Why??? What is the thrill? I’m just gonna have to wash her hair and that ticks her off. It was peanut butter yesterday.
  • My lovely sister wore bright red hooker boots to church this morning. I think she woke up thinking she was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It was more attention than I like. Everyone was staring at her feet. I thought about tripping her, but resisted the urge as I did not think God would be pleased. 🙂 I say all of this with love and laughter. Amen.

And that’s all I have to say today. It’s a mish-mash, I know. But my brain still hasn’t recouped from last week because my dear child has woken up at 7 & 7:30 this weekend. I need to sleep until at LEAST 8 to resume my happy demeanor. Will be working on that.

Anyway, goodnight all! Have a great week!

P.S. If I don’t write much this week, it’s because I’m moving & in superwoman mode. Cross your fingers for me!

P.S.S. I love the funny notes from kids that you can find on the web. This one is one of my favorites. A kid after my own heart! You can find more here.

From PleatedJeans.com
From PleatedJeans.com

2 thoughts on “Sunday Love

  1. oh my gosh. That note is HILARIOUS! And, I love Sundays too. Although, as a mormon, sundays are often very busy for me. We go to church for 3 hours, and the pre and post church stuff is very busy as well. Glad you got a lazy day. 🙂

    1. Wow! I bet you are busy! Our service is an hour and only about 30 minutes of that is preaching. I actually wish that part was a little longer.

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