Pictures, Hissy Fits, and Krispy Kreme

{You should know that I have been writing this post for a week. So if it’s weird, my apologies}

Well, I’m not moving.

I’ve been sick instead. I don’t know if it’s sinuses or just the worst cold ever. And I don’t go to the doctor unless I’m dying so I’m just taking some Tylenol Cold & Flu and hoping for the best!

Fun times!

So in between feeling like my nose is gonna fall off and wanting to chop it off myself, I somehow managed to be productive. Saturday we took Casey to have her birthday / Easter pictures taken. She was so good! And the pictures turned out great!

Then Sunday, I went to one of the 6 consignment sales I hit in the spring. Something happened to my child in there that turned that sweet face you see up there into a crazy person. She threw 4 or 5 horrendous fits while we were in line to check out. It was the most publicly embarrassing thing I’ve ever experienced. I felt my eyes starting to water, and I wanted to put my stuff down and leave. And I would have if I could have found anything to set my stuff down on. She has never thrown a fit like that before. To make things worse, we were at the front of a very long line so everyone behind me and the cashiers in front of me were staring at me. And every now and then turning around to smile at me. Which made me want to punch them in the face! I know that’s horrible, but I don’t like attention. And when I get those smiles, it’s worse.

I’m sure they meant well. I’m sure they felt very sorry for me. Or grateful that the toddler throwing the fit wasn’t their own. But I didn’t know how to handle the situation. In the south, everyone is all about beating the snot out of kids for acting out. And I can tell you, it’s really hard not to when crap like this goes down. But, I felt like this fit was mostly my fault. I had left her cup in the car by accident and didn’t have any snacks with me. She had just eaten so I felt sure that she wasn’t hungry. I had changed her before we came in so I knew she wasn’t wet. But this fit was ridiculous! Full body thrashing, screaming, turning red. If she knew swear words, she would have been saying them! It was insane.

So what did I do? Well, I tried to ignore her like the psychology book says. It didn’t work. I got down on her level and tried talking to her. That didn’t work. I did everything but smack her. But seriously, who is gonna risk the call to DSS that would have probably come in from some goody-two-shoe parent behind me?

{Side note: I dislike the parents that give other parents dirty looks when a kid is throwing a fit. As a matter of fact, DON’T even turn around to look! What are you looking at anyway? A child being a child. And to the mom and dad all dressed up with the baby carrier in front of me who couldn’t stop turning around to stare, your day is coming!}


Okay, evil Amy is gone.

Now let me tell you how I handled the situation. I quickly checked out, strolled my temper-tantrum-throwing child outside (who magically calmed down) and went to the car. I strapped her in her car seat and drove straight to Krispy Kreme… To get milk, of course!

My saving grace
My saving grace

Who am I fooling? I went to buy a dozen hot, glazed doughnuts! And milk. I gave one to my child, filled her sippy cup with milk, and we hit the road! Where I downed like 3 doughnuts due to stress on the way home. Not to reward her behavior, but if she’s crying and I’m almost crying, we may as well say, “Screw it!” and have a doughnut.

{Another side note: we get Krispy Kreme like once or twice a year max. We’re not constantly eating our weight in doughnuts. And definitely not every time she cries. Just so you’re not worried about our nutritional needs. Namaste.}

Anyway, so that’s what we did. And if you have any suggestions for handling fits when you can’t exactly walk right out of the store, I’m all ears. And please tell me quickly so that doughnuts do not become my solution! Fruit just doesn’t cut it when you’re stressed! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great week! Casey’s birthday is this weekend and then we are hardcore potty-training next week while I’m on spring break. Stay tuned! It’s gonna get real around here!


5 thoughts on “Pictures, Hissy Fits, and Krispy Kreme

  1. I have no words of wisdom for you, except to applaud you for not having a total melt down (That would have been me) I feel your pain. Having said that, we do not have a Krispy Kreme here but we do Tim Hortons tim bits. It is amazing how a doughnut can calm the nerves 😀

  2. Sometimes my kids do that kind of crap for multiple reasons. Usually if we’ve been out shopping for a while they are just done. Nothing you can do about it except to get the heck out of the store as soon as possible. Maybe one of this people should have helped in some way!!! I would have tried at least!

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