Dear Casey,

Two years ago today, I was four days overdue for your arrival. Dr. Hearn decided to induce so I went straight up to our room and started enjoying an epidural and medicine to make you come on out! About 10 hours and lots of pushing later, into the world you came! And it’s been an adventure since! I love you more and more each day! You have brought more smiles and laughs to our lives that we could have ever imagined. You are funny and smart and sneaky and wonderful! Right at this very moment you are standing in front of the tv with one cheek hanging out of your Pull-Up, watching Jamming with Cherry Jam. Oh how I love you!

You had two parties this year because your aunts can’t seem to get along. But that’s okay! It just meant more cake for you! You played with your cousins, ate lots of cake, and went to the park afterward. It was a great weekend!

I hope you know that we’ll always love you lots and lots like tater tots! You are the most wonderful part of our lives! Happy Birthday, sweet potato!






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