Mama Confessions

I’ve decided to start a little “thing” on my blog where I confess unfortunate Mama behavior from time to time. Mostly because I think it’s funny and because it helps other people to know that all people do some of the same annoying crap. And because I get tired of always focusing on writing only about my kid. As wonderful as she is, there are other parts of this Mama/Wife/Person thing than just temper tantrums and potty training. All are very important, but sometimes I just want it to be about life in general.

So I now present Mama Confession #1:

I have been to the grocery store three times in the past week and have forgotten to buy trash bags every.stinking.time. Therefore, I have a stack of trash coming out of my trash can that is… obscene. And I’ve started using an old dog food bag to supplement. I figure by blogging about this, it will help me to remember or just go to the dern store specifically for trash bags!

download (6)

See. Nothing crazy. Just everyday nonsense!

Well, I’ve confessed my iniquities for now. Ta Ta!


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