A Peep Monster Has Taken Over My Home

I knew she had a problem when I spotted colored sugar on her lips and in her hair. Darn those Peeps commercials on television! That little boy runs around talking about Peeps like Bubba off of Forrest Gump and Taloolah caught on!

I already have her Easter basket ready. I like to make hers myself instead of buying the ones sold at the store. Originally,  I had 4 packs of Peeps hidden in my china cabinet. Now, I have one and a half. Because a little tater tot I know has become a fiend.

She runs through the house yelling “PEEPS!” when her Dad accidentally mentions wanting one.

I’m thinking about getting her a 12-step program.

And avoiding the store until April.

I’ll letcha know how that goes. 🙂


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