The Purge




My child is blessed to have an ungodly amount of toys.  (And her not playing with them is an even greater delight.) But on Monday her room was really pissing me off. Toys were everywhere to the extent that you could barely walk around in there.

I totally blame her father. You see, I am an organized playmate. I clean up and organize as we play. It’s probably not even really playing. I’m just really bored sitting in her room and can’t help myself. Well, her Daddy is not an organized playmate. He’s a lay-on-the-bed-and-talk-and-throw-toys-with-the-baby kind of playmate. It’s like having another humongous, adult sized child. Anyway, they go in and play and the result is a room that looks like a tornado, a hurricane, and a flood got together, had a baby, and let it loose in her room. It’s ridiculous.

I was fed up with junk everywhere so I emptied everything into the floor and started separating crap to keep from crap to dispose of. I ended up with this giant, overflowing storage bin of toys to get rid of. I’m trying to find somewhere to send them. Until then, they are… still right where I left them.

If it were up to me, Casey would have like 5 toys and that would be it because she has the attention span of a poodle and doesn’t play with them. I honestly think kids would be happier if they didn’t have so much stuff. Maybe I’ll make that my new cause and spread the word. Sounds good to me!


2 thoughts on “The Purge

  1. I saw something once about how people in another country (I want to say Sweden or Denmark?) only have a very small amount of toys and the kids are still entertained! We definitely could cut back. My kids play with a tiny handful of what they have.

  2. I definitely believe that! I also think the cheaper the toy, the more attractive it becomes! If I spend a lot of money on something, she’s not interested. If I buy a flash light from the Dollar Tree, it’s the greatest toy ever! So weird.

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