the one about mama’s memoirs

dear silly girl,

i have many, many stories to tell you. stories about your family, my life, your childhood, all kinds of things. it’s important that you know things about all of us so that you can try to understand things that may come up. i’ll try to remember all of the funny stuff, but unfortunately there may be a few doozies mixed in there.

to get this started, i’m going to tell you a little bit about your aunt jennifer. i want to start with her because you are an only child and will never know the experience of having a sibling. it’s a unique, often annoying, wonderful, complex kind of relationship.

growing up, jennifer and i pretty much wanted to kill each other everyday. i blame it on us being so close in age. jennifer and i are 14 months apart. let that sink in for a minute. that means that i was 5 months old when mema found out she was having a second baby. surprise! as you know, jennifer is the exact opposite of me. she’s outgoing, loud, bossy, confident, funny, and kinda selfish. but she was the baby for quite a while so i guess it all comes with the territory.

when jennifer and i were little, we had to share everything. we didn’t have toys, clothes, or snacks of our own.  nowadays everything is individually wrapped and packaged for one. that was not the case back in the day.

well, if we were in the car going lord only knows where, mema would stop at a store and buy us one drink. one drink. to share. can you imagine? being little heathens, we didn’t like to share. unfortunately for me, jennifer was a little more clever when it came to this whole sharing drinks thing. she knew just how to get it all for herself. yep… she back-washed in the drink so that i wouldn’t drink anymore! oh the suffering i endured! if only i had been more disgusting. i could have had drinks and snacks all to myself!

our sharing didn’t stop there. we had to share clothes for what seemed like forever. one time in middle school, way past the age when a child should be throwing fits, your aunt jennifer laid down in the floor, kicking and screaming, because i wouldn’t let her borrow my jeans. i then called her a jackass without realizing that gran was standing at our front door. good times!

these are just a few things i thought you should know.

and there’s a lesson here: never share your drinks with a spitter.

love forever,




p.s. we shared a lot of unfortunate hairdos as well. spiral perms being one of them.


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