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the one where mama has finals and fire ants

dear silly girl,

it’s been like a week since i wrote you last, but there’s a reason. last week and this week i’ve had finals. i have two finals left and then i’m done! for this semester anyway. i get a whole 2 week break. and guess what we’re gonna be doing? potty training again. it’s been a little over a month since we tried last time. last time we bombed, but i think within a month your little brain must have grown by leaps and bounds. suddenly, you are talking all the time and making sentences like nobody’s business. you seem to get things more now. and boy have you become bossy! but it’s so funny that i have a really hard time correcting you.

yesterday you told me, “mama, say thank you” while i was doing something for you. you also told daddy “use the yellow crayon first” when he was trying to use the blue crayon. and talk about an attitude! you were talking on your lip gloss phone (play phone with lip gloss that had little fingers and fingernails all dug into it within 2 seconds) today out on the porch and were apparently telling aunt misty off. i kept hearing “misty, now!”. i must admit that i tell you to get your behind back on the porch “now!” quite a bit which probably has something to do with you adding that into your little rant.

see, in the south, we are eat up with fire ants and it only takes stepping into a mound for a whole second to have your feet covered in ants. all i ask is that you put your shoes on, but that is just absolutely not okay with you. you love being barefoot! so we argue. i let you know that you need your shoes on or you have to go inside and you tell me no. so then, i patiently pick you up and take you inside where suddenly, you decide that it’s a good idea to put your shoes on. crazy, huh?

and i know you’re thinking, “why don’t you just get rid of the fire ants?”. well, that’s easier said than done. we’ve put out pesticides, poured gas on mounds, etc. we got rid of the ones in the back yard for the most part. i think the ones from the back went to the front yard though because i spotted some mounds the other day while we were walking to the mail box.

why the heck am i going on about fire ants?? even i don’t know.

i’m blaming it on finals this week.

love me anyway,

your crazy mama


5 thoughts on “the one where mama has finals and fire ants

  1. Yeah.. I have yet to fully experience a fire ant bite, which is completely fine by me!! I had my chigger bites from Alabama last year and that was an experience I do never ever want to experience again!!!
    I am glad you are almost done with finals!! I wish I had a good reason why I haven’t posted anything new.:) um.. Wait since we are twins.. I could feel the stress from you studying for finals.. So that’s why I haven’t posted lately:) haha

    1. You totally can! I’ve been meaning to tell you that I have your, ahem, Christmas present here ready to ship, but I’m waiting until my mom and I make jam so I can send you some strawberry. So it’ll be an early birthday / later than heck Christmas present! ha ha! Finals are over thank God! I’m out for a whole week and a half before I have to go back. Chemistry and public speaking over the summer. I may just go ahead and call it quits on that public speaking one! I hope y’all are doing good!! I’m with ya on the not posting. Just not feeling it right now! 🙂

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