just letters

the one about Oklahoma and other thoughts

dear silly girl,

it’s been a little while. my spring semester ended, i had a two week break, and now i’m in my summer classes. i’m taking my final math class for 5 weeks and my only speech class. i’m getting to take speech online and send in my speeches on dvd. the fact that taking speech online is possible is proof once again that Jesus loves me.

speaking of Jesus, He’s been reminding me a lot lately of how lucky i am. so lucky to have you. you are happy, healthy, safe, and taken care of. if we never have anything else, if all of my plans and dreams never come true, i am so beyond grateful to have you in my life. sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the things we want. a house, a decent bank account, a new set of tires, a vacation. those are all nice things and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them, but they are not the things that matter. the key to being happy in life is realizing that people are the most important. our relationships with family, friends, and neighbors are what matters. and when you have a child of your own one day, it will hit you. you will suddenly be smacked with the flood of love, desperation, anxiety, and joy that only a child can bring.

i say all of this to mention that yesterday Oklahoma was hit by a horrible tornado. it hit two elementary schools and the only thing that’s been on tv since has been coverage of the damage, the reunions, the stories of the children and adults who were lost in the devastation, and the expressions of  hope that more will be recovered. as i watch those mothers talk about the moments of not knowing if their babies (all children are babies in a parent’s eyes) survived, i can’t imagine what torture that must be. as for the families who lost their children and loved ones, no one can ever understand how that feels, and i hope that i never, ever have to. all we can do is pray for them and help them however we can. 

when things like this happen and you are old enough to understand what’s going on, i hope that you will pay attention. it’s important to know about the things that other people are dealing with. it’s important to remember that we are all people and that no matter what differences we all may have, at our core we are the same. we all hurt, we all love, we all feel. 

i love you.

yesterday, today, and forever,



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