just letters

the one about nail polish and the corner


dear silly girl,

it’s been a minute since i wrote you. here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • you have been painting mine and daddy’s nails. and knuckles. i have glitter on right now that you applied while holding me hostage in your bedroom today. it’s beautiful!
  • i am completely broke from paying for your dental work that’s scheduled in july. i am admittedly terrified of july 19th for that very reason. they’re going to put you to sleep to do your work due to your age and your fieriness when someone attempts to look in your mouth much less put their hands in it.
  • you started playing pretend and it’s all at once adorable and exhausting. you get hung up on acting out monkeys jumping on the bed and i mean, you literally jump on the bed, fall in the floor, and bump your head. and then make me call the doctor. 100 times a day.
  • you love riding on brandon’s four-wheeler with daddy at papa’s house. we’re going to get one for christmas i think.
  • i finished my second speech yesterday and only have one to go before i never have to do public speaking again. ever.

i’m sure there are lots of other things, but i’m brain dead at this moment and can’t think of anything else. i know i have lots of funny stories to tell you about. like how, for a brief day or two, you started stripping down completely naked and running through the house like a hippie. or how your room looks like hoarders gone wild right now. well, i don’t know if that one is so funny, but it must be tons of fun to run around throwing all your toys in the air, pulling out all of your hair bows, and tucking your babies into the towel basket! oh, and you’ve also been walking around with a guitar around your neck singing songs you have made up about finding sunshine and demanding the attention of whichever family member is sitting in the living room. that’s my favorite.

you’re really cute.

except for right now when you’re hitting my keyboard and not listening to me.

because you think it’s HILARIOUS to ignore me. oh so fun. til i point you in the direction of the nearest corner. now that is fun! cue evil laugh right here. hahahhaha.

i’m just kidding.

i love you anyway!




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