just letters

the one about the crick in your neck

dear silly girl,

today you woke up at 7:00 am, crying. i thought you wanted a cup of tea like you do every morning. but no.

i asked you what was wrong. you said, “i don’t know.” so then the 20 questions began. is it your stomach? it it your ears? is it your neck? of course you answered no to all of them, but i did figure out that it was your neck. it hurt you to turn your head to the right.

you didn’t understand what was going on, but i did what i could to make you feel better.

we hung out on the couch for the biggest part of the day. we did manage to make it to your room twice to play with toys. i kept putting toys on your right side so you would turn your head that way a little bit to try to loosen it up.

i had the bright idea to roast you some marshmallows over the stove, which was all fine and great until i went into the kitchen for a glass of milk and returned to find it in mashed into your hair. worked out wonderful since it hurts you to take off your shirt and we’re out of baby shampoo.

we had pizza for supper and then headed out for a walk. before we were out of a driveway, a super cute puppy decided to jump in your lap. it followed us all around the block and then played in your pool once we arrived back home.

you loved him until he jumped on you.

but he did get you to run around the yard and turn your head to loosen your neck a little. it’s still hurting you, but not so much that you can’t boss daddy around in your room while he searches for your abby cadabby.

i do hope that you never have one of these again.

no more staying up late, watching trashy strawberry shortcake cartoons, and drinking chocolate milk. if you hadn’t been in such a  questionable state, this may not have happened.




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