just letters

the one about all of this rain and the devil tree

dear silly girl,

it has been the rainiest summer of my entire life. and so far i’ve been around for 27 summers. never has it rained almost everyday, much less in july! usually by now we are in a drought. any other year that is a safe bet.

when we’re in a drought, everyone’s yard is dead and the water company watches you like a hawk. you do not turn on the hose, and i have no idea what people with pools do. but this is not one of those years. it has rained so much this summer that the lakes, rivers, and ponds are full. i only mention it because most years, you can walk underneath docks down here and not even step in mud. and the other day, it looked like we had our very own lake in our backyard. i sent pictures to friends who congratulated me on my new swimming hole.

devil tree

but alas, it’s really a pain in the butt.

any time there are big pools of water hanging around, we are suddenly swarmed with satan bugs. you know, mosquitoes. and when the bugs aren’t attacking us, the stupid tree in the back yard is making my car look like i’ve driven through a tornado. it has these things on it that are a pinkish color, and they’re very pretty when it’s dry, but let it rain and they fall right off the stupid tree. and when they fall off the stupid tree, they fall all over the back deck and whatever car is the closest.

daddy was off on friday and went with us to get groceries. when we arrived home, he backed my car up to the porch and left it. it has monsooned for days. my car looks horrible. therefore, i was too embarrassed to drive it to church this morning. and i need church.

my car

and i know you’re thinking, “why didn’t you just spray it off?” well that’s the thing about the devil tree: the stupid pink things are sticky. and even when you pull them off, they leave a little brown circle wherever they’ve been.

stupid tree

i don’t know what kind of tree it actually is, but i do know that i could turn down a free mansion if i saw one in the yard.

so here’s your sunday lesson: watch out for satan bugs, devil trees, and actual real evil. they’re out to get us all.

love forever,



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