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the one about the lake and sliding rock and pinching

dear silly girl,

you woke up in a great mood today and it was amazing. especially since just yesterday i thought you had suddenly been possessed by demons.

this morning we had fruit loops and coffee with an obscene amount of creamer in it. {what? according to dr. oz, i drink lattes as a way to take care of myself since i take care of so many others. ahhh. sweet justification.}

since you were in such a good mood, we decided to go to lake keowee with breanna and grayson. you thought the lake was great fun until you decided to do a cannon-ball-like jump onto a float and thus bounced right off of it into the water and some black dirt. it was in your hair, your ears, your bathing suit, everywhere.

you did eventually get in the water and walk around.

then you decided that you wanted grayson’s green float because it was just wayyy cooler than your orange float exactly like it, and you pinched the fire out of him so that he’d give it to you. This backfired and completely baffled your mother. i was in shock. you’ve never done anything like that before! i still can’t believe it happened.

breanna was pretty sure she felt a fish bite her so we decided that it was time to leave. i am almost certain that it was a piranha.

{in case this isn’t translated to you later in life, i am not a fan of lake water. i can’t see what’s in it, and i truly believe that people are dumb and mean  enough to put things like alligators and pythons in there so that they can live. because it would be  a travesty to send them to a zoo instead.}

so we decided to leave the lake, but weren’t ready to call it quits to the fun we were having. we decided to go to sliding rock. (it’s really called long shoals wayside park.)

i was a little worried because as a mother, when i think of rocks that can be slid down, i think of slippery things that cause stitches and blood. but we all survived with nary a stitch among us. i watched you and grayson play on the “beach,” run up on the rocks, and walk out into the shallow parts of the river while breanna and daddy slid down the rock and jumped off of another.

i was not into the sliding or jumping because the water in the river was like 20 degrees. did i mention it rained on us twice? it did. but we were already wet so it really made no difference. But you and grayson wiped out twice and we finally decided to leave.

on the way home, you wanted to watch cartoons on youtube. being a mother of only one child, i didn’t think anything about it and handed you the phone. well, of course, grayson wanted to hold the phone, too. and apparently his expressing that desire really got under your skin because you reached over and pinched him once again. that makes two times, in one day, for the first time ever, you pinched the snot out of him!

i was not pleased.

i had always worried, what if we have a biter? but biting isn’t your violent expression of choice. it’s pinching. and we’ve gotta nip that in the bud asap. we addressed it both times, and i hope that this particular thought in your brain is a fleeting one.

fleeting. running far, far away. marathoning away.

because not that it at all matters, but i don’t wanna be Oh-That’s-Her… The-Mom-of-the-Pincher.  and i don’t want you to the be The Pincher.

i want you to be The Beautiful Flower Painter. The Cute Little Singer Performing Monkeys Jumping On the Bed. The Smiler With Great Teeth.

everything i know you are.

love forever,



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