advice and wisdom

the one about how to have a great morning


dear silly girl,

since the weekend has arrived, i just thought i would share this with you. so here goes.

the recipe:

  1. wake up before anyone else. not early, but earlier than them. you know, your husband and children.
  2. go directly to the kitchen and start coffee.
  3. hopefully, you already have at least a medium roast coffee. none of that weak crap. definitely not decaf.
  4. hopefully, you also have a giant thing of hazelnut creamer. or vanilla nut, if you can find it. if you do find it, buy extra and call your mother.
  5. pour yourself a cup of coffee. don’t forget to add creamer until it bubbles up to the top. you do not need sugar.
  6. go out on your porch and sit by yourself with your coffee. do not talk to anyone.
  7. finish the entire cup of coffee.
  8. sneak into the shower. if it won’t wake up the family, turn on 80’s music or whatever you like / can stand in the morning. i don’t know about you, but i just cannot do rock or pop music in the mornings. i love blurred lines by robin thicke right now, but i have no desire at all to hear it before 6 pm.
  9. hopefully, you have some sort of nice-smelling bath stuff. if you do not, go buy some or call your mother.
  10. after your delightful, child-free shower, go make yourself a strawberry waffle.
  11. in case you are having an early morning moment, you need a waffle, those strawberries in a tub located near the cool whip at the store (they should be thawed), and whipped cream. NOT cool whip.
  12. eat this waffle at the table.
  13. read the sales ads in the paper, the paper if you’re into that, or whatever hilarious book you are into at the time.
  14. after your waffle, finish getting ready. and blow dry your hair. i know it’s a pain, but everyone feels better when their is blown dry. and put on the makeup if you’re leaving the house. if you don’t, you will run into someone you’d rather not run into and you’ll wish you had put on the makeup.
  15. spend the rest of the day with your sweet, sweet family.

and there you have it. the perfect morning. if my morning went like that everyday, i am pretty sure i could conquer world peace.

love forever,



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