just letters

the one about your princess teeth


dear silly girl,

you now have princess teeth! that’s what your doctor called them.

yesterday was a rough day for all of us. for you more than anybody. we arrived at the hospital at 6:15 in the morning after an hour long ride during which you gave me a stare down because i couldn’t give you anything to drink. you were very unhappy about that.

we signed you in and went straight to our hospital room. as soon as i walked in, the tears started. i choked them back as quickly as i could, but you saw me and told me, “it’s okay mama. it’s just a computer” while patting me on the arm. you thought i was scared of the blood pressure machine.

your nurse was rather bubbly. almost too much. she came bouncing in the room with paper work and gadgets to check your temperature.

she left and came back after all the gadget business with a syringe-full of happy medicine. you fought us like always, but after it kicked in, you were giggly and in a daze all at once.

the nurses came in to take you. they picked you up and carried you down the hallway. you didn’t look back.

i cried. daddy cried. and then we sucked it up.

we had to. if we hadn’t, it would have been an even longer 2 hours of our lives.

after waiting an eternity, the doctor came in to tell us you were in recovery. we started pacing the floor. then, finally, two nurses brought you into the room.

your little lips were swollen and cracked. they’d been bleeding a little bit. you were still loopy and out of it, and wanted your iv out. you laid your little head on my shoulder. i was so relieved to have you in my arms.

and then you half-consciously said, “mama, tea?”

bless your heart.

another nurse came in to take your blood pressure. you didn’t want anyone to touch you. but then she said the magic words: apple juice.

yes! yes, apple juice would be nice!

she left to go get it for you.

i held you until she came back in with the nectar of the gods. when she brought it in, we poured it into a cup for you and laid you down on your bed. in and out you went, but you were at peace. thanks to the apple juice.

we waited for what seemed like forever for your oh-so-bubbly nurse to come back with more papers for me to sign. i signed everything and had a lovely stack of reading material about deep vein thrombosis to take home with me. and then it was finally time to go.

we strapped you in your car seat, bought you a biscuit so you could eat the egg and got you some more apple juice. we decided to pick you up some soup at panera and then went home.

as soon as we walked through the door, we all headed to the bed. all three of us passed right out.

after our nap, you were up and ready to play! i was so glad.

you were back to being you. by the end of the day, you were running across the yard.

you flash your pearly whites for anyone who asks.

and i’m just so thankful for good doctors, bubbly nurses, and quiet hospitals.

but most of all for God watching over you.

and apple juice.

love forever,



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