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the one about all of this ridiculousness

dear silly girl,

we started potty training again today. it is such a delight.

uh, no.

i actually have a friend who said she enjoys potty-training. that’s ridiculous. i think she needs her head examined.

you did pretty good this morning, but this afternoon was not so fun. you had some accidents and were just tired and ill. but i’m still counting it as a success! and i’m not giving in. no quitting for us.

i’m just thankful that it’s so flipping hot outside that i can use the hose pipe when there’s an accident. isn’t that a pretty picture i just painted for you?

…tomorrow is my public speaking final. i can’t wait! after i take this exam, i’ll never have to even think about a speech again. my teacher is completely slack so i’m sure it will be the end of the month before i know what grade i’ll get, but at this point i don’t care…

yes, i do. it better be a freaking A.

…i can’t stop thinking about christmas. and it’s july. i do this every year. it gets hot outside, and all i hear is jingle bells.

the plan this year is to not do any christmasy stuff until christmas week. that’s gonna be really hard for me, but the past two years i’ve been really burnt out by the time christmas arrived. i’ve taken the tree down at like 10 am the day after christmas. that’s ridiculous.

this year daddy is off for the entire week, and i’ll be on break from school so it’s gonna be awesome! having a timeline combined with my inability not to plan has me wanting to make an itinerary.


jingle bells! jingle bells! jingle all the way!

this is ridiculous.

love forever,



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