just letters

the one where you are potty trained!

dear silly girl,

a miracle hath occurred and that is why i’m breaking out the hebrew. or typing as if i have a lisp. either way.

did i win a large sum of money? if i did, i wouldn’t be blogging right now. i’d be shopping and doing an embarrassing victory dance.

was i magically granted an A in organic chemistry without ever having to take the class? no, but one can dream.

something wonderful enough to make me forget all of my worries did happen though.

you are potty trained!

yesterday, you suddenly had no accidents and started telling me when you had to go potty. today you learned what “holding it” is and ta-da! it’s been a natural thing since! no setting a timer to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. no treats after you did it. we do, however, do a little dance.

whoop whoop!

i feel like a successful parent for once, but i really didn’t have all that much to do with it. sure i took you to the potty, but you’re the one who understood and didn’t look back. i am so proud of you!

i truly believe that there is no secret to potty training. no magic formula for making a kid decide to use the restroom. it just happens.

and i am thrilled that i shall never do it again!

…we ate lunch with daddy today at work. he brought his co-op / friend john to eat with us, and i’m pretty sure you now have your first crush. you barely ate for looking at him. daddy had fun showing you off to co-workers who you refused to speak to and instead put your head on my shoulder and closed your eyes. ya just weren’t feeling it. if daddy could close his eyes when some of them talked to him, he would.

…we went to gran’s this afternoon and she wasn’t feeling good. and any time she doesn’t feel good, i stress. so we stayed until after 6 this evening. you drew swiggly lines  pictures with brandon’s markers, ate cheese puffs and cinnamon rolls, fed the pigs and fish with papa, and then took a nice long nap. we kept gran company while papa took brandon to karate. it was a nice visit.

and did i mention that you’re potty trained?!

love forever,




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