just letters

the one where it’s consignment season!

dear silly girl,

it started tonight… the first children’s consignment event was tonight at the anderson civic center. i usually hit at least 3 of these a year because they’re an awesome way to start stockpiling clothes for each season.

i went with a mission and a budget tonight. in an effort to keep myself from buying crap we don’t actually need, i only took $20 in with me. since tonight was the VIP sale, i had to pay $5 at the door, but $15 was plenty for what i was after: jeans.

jeans are incredibily expensive from the time you are walking until you just sell out to the expandable waist, no butt-pocket, fake jeans of your golden years. especially if you buy good ones. the most i’ve ever spent on jeans is $80 and that was back in the day when tommy hilfiger jeans were cool. jeans are worthy of their expense, but somehow, i still manage not to convince myself to dish out the money for them.

but thanks to consignment sales, i always get you good, name-brand jeans for next to nothing.

children’s place and gap jeans are so freakin’ cute on you and they were my target tonight. don’t get me wrong, your jeans are no where near $80+ dollars, but for a kid that will only be able to wear them one season, i just cannot bring myself to buy them new.

so i make out like a bandit.

i got two pairs of children’s place jeans for $4 a piece, a pair of gap jeans for $3, and a pair of old navy jeans for $2. because who is going to pass up $2 jeans? no one. and because you’re like your mother, and the majority of women in the world, and you prefer to wear baby-sized yoga pants rather than jeans, i don’t have to buy any more jeans at the other sales.

now i am free to focus on cute shirts, and jackets, and toys, and movies, and shoes, the melissa and doug table, and a whole bunch of other cheap goodies.

but i don’t have a problem or anything.

i don’t want to host an intervention when i see a mom buying stuff at target when the sale up the street has it for pennies on the dollar.

i don’t.

i don’t necessarily pine for consignment events around birthdays and christmas to get the half-priced, brand new melissa and doug puzzles, kick balls, and sticker books.

i don’t .

i am armed and ready to double the consignment price to prove my love to you and your cousins.


i love you, but “crazy” isn’t my middle name.

or maybe it is?

just roll with it.

love forever,


p.s. don’t forget your giant ikea bag, wagon, or laundry basket when you go to your first one. it’s addictive.


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