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the one about mama’s library epiphany

dear silly girl,

your mama is book obsessed. not just for myself, but for you as well.

i read all of these lists about what i should be teaching you and what you should know by whatever age. these lists ease my mind and frighten the daylights out of me all at once. for instance, i would have never thought about you needing to be able to completely dress yourself so that you could enter a K-4 program. not that you wouldn’t be able to anyway, but i just wouldn’t have thought about it. now i feel like i should be making you practice how to do this everyday.

but back to the books. on one of these lists i was reading, it said to encourage you to become a reader i should read to you everyday. everyday! and to some people reading this, that may be kind of a duh-huh kind of thing, but i just didn’t realize. don’t get me wrong, we read. several times a week to be exact, but not necessarily everyday.

you have quite a few books in your room and you like to read the same ones over and over like most children. i have an entire pinterest board devoted just to children’s books so that i have a vast selection to choose from and search for when i’m at books-a-million a.k.a. the book store where nothing is where it should be. but for some reason, i had never given the library a single thought.

the library! the gigantic building full of books that you can borrow for free! why it never entered my mind is beyond me.

our library looks like a mini-Biltmore house. it is enormous! and contains all kinds of children’s books just waiting for me to come and check out. and since i have this new goal to read to you every single night of the year, we are about to become those visitors who never seem to leave.

photo by tommy dodgens / panoramio.com

i can read all kinds of books to you and only buy our favorites! i feel like an idiot for not thinking of this before.

if a book worm can really be created, i’m about to create one.

and i’m so excited!

love forever,



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