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the one about daddy and duck dynasty and flooding the bathroom

dear silly girl,

daddy is pretty funny. he’s what i like to call quirky. he has decided that he no longer likes duck dynasty because he thinks they’re sell-outs since phil, kay, and si started doing clayton homes commercials.

by the time you read this, i’m sure duck dynasty will be a long gone after thought. i probably won’t even remember watching it. so i’ll tell you about it now. it’s this reality show about this family that makes duck calls and became millionaires. on the show, phil, the guy who created the duck call, and his wife kay, live in a big modular / mobile home. but in reality, they do not.

this is the needle in your father’s back. much like myself, he can’t stand it when people are fake. however, this really didn’t bother me because, uh hello, it’s a reality show. hopefully you will have figured this out by now, but there is nothing real about reality shows.

so daddy is refusing to watch duck dynasty ever and every time it comes on, he goes outside. it’s the principle of the thing, he says.

i think it’s hilarious.

i turned it on this afternoon just to send him outside.

he makes me laugh. ha ha ha ha ha!

daddy also managed to flood the bathroom on saturday and it would be a crying shame if i forgot to tell you all about it.

it was an honest mistake.

daddy is addicted to a computer game called dark souls. he is completely enthralled with it and likes to tell me all about his little zombie-man and all of the awesome weapons he uses to kill other little zombie-men. it. is. fascinating.

anyway, he started your bath water while i was writing the post i wrote saturday. he came in the living room, told me that the bath was ready for us, and went right back to gaming. i wasn’t quite finished so since it was all ready anyway, i finished writing my post.

then i turned off the television and heard running water.

me: you left the water running?!

him: oh crap!

i went to get towels while you and daddy ran in the bathroom to check out the water situation. thankfully, it hadn’t been running into the floor for long. just long enough to soak 5 towels and wet the edge of the carpet.

but it was a proud moment and i did not have the ability to let it go.

see, daddy doesn’t mess up often. i mean, if something goes wrong, it’s totally his fault, but he doesn’t do things like that. only one other time can i recall him doing something that dumb and it was partially my fault. i had put dish soap in a casserole dish and he put it in the dishwasher without knowing it. he couldn’t figure out why there were bubbles coming from the dishwasher and all over the kitchen floor.

it is my responsibility as his very best friend to never let him live these things down.



love forever,

your daddy’s biggest fan


2 thoughts on “the one about daddy and duck dynasty and flooding the bathroom

  1. I started watching Duck Dynasty last season. I’m bummed to find out the truth about Phil and Miss Kay. But happy to read your story. So it’s a wash. Just without 5 towels or extra bubbles. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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