just letters

the short one about a good day

dear silly girl,

a few things:

  • it is 11 a.m. and you, my dear, are still asleep.
  • it feels like a fall morning outside thanks to it being a perfect 70 degrees.
  • i am going to return a book to the school bookstore and save myself $117.
  • now that your dental work is complete (sorta), as of tomorrow i will no longer be super poor.
  • this is the last weekend before my fall semester starts, but that’s okay because i am nearing the end of my prerequisites and will FINALLY be able to transfer to my program.
  • i am looking into moving us out of this house that i hate.
  • daddy is going to have surgery soon, but then he will finally no longer be in pain / sick-feeling all the time.

things are happening my love. good things. God gives us days like this to remind us to be thankful. and today, i’m SO thankful i’m using capital letters.

love forever,


p.s. if your butt’s not up by 12, i’m coming in there with a pot, a spoon, and a song in my heart.


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