just letters

the one about university students at wal-mart

dear silly girl,

part of being a parent is teaching your child responsibility and to be independent. i truly believe that doing everything for you will handicap you in some way.

i bring this up because i was (unfortunately) at wal-mart last night, and didn’t think anything about school starting next week, and was rather annoyed at many people there. now, you would think from that statement that my issue would have been parents of small children right? wrong. my issue was with clemson and southern wesleyan university students and their sweet parents.

school starts on monday. why in the devil would you wait until the weekend before to buy everything you need for your dorm? these people have two or three buggies slap full of crap at the checkout. they even think it’s necessary to use the self-check. daddy takes four hours to scan 10 items and these people take an eternity. and isn’t this teaching the child that it’s perfectly fine to wait until the last blasted minute? but i digress.

now, as annoying as that is, it is nothing compared to the children who are trying to grocery shop for seemingly the first time. why is the weekend before a child goes off to live on their own at college the perfect time to teach the child this basic skill? and why is teaching even needed? by the time you are 18, surely you know what you eat everyday. and how much food can possibly fit in one of those tiny dorm refrigerators? it is a mystery to me.

i did see one guy, who was probably an upperclassman as he was not flanked by adoring, procrastinating parents, who was cradling a loaf of whole wheat bread like it was a baby. it was very odd.

it’s like a circus in there.

what’s really adorable is the students whose parents let them loose in the store, without ever having taught them to have a little bit of pride in themselves, who think it’s totally awesome to throw toilet paper back and forth to each other over the shelves. and once toilet paper football is over, it is the perfect time to stand in the aisles five-wide and chit-chat wildly about all the frozen pizza.

then there are the foreign exchange students who have never been in a wal-mart before, who are being taught what the food on the shelves is by their turtle-paced american guide. cereal has never been so amazing. {and i guess that does go to show that most of what we eat isn’t real food if people in other countries have no idea what it is.}

so the moral of the story is… if you live in a college town or near a university of any kind, it would be to your advantage to keep up with when their fall semester starts and avoid superstores of any kind. at least the weekend before.

it would also probably be smart to buy groceries at an actual grocery store. college students will not be found in bi-lo or ingles.

and i solemnly promise to drag you with me to the grocery store against your will for years to come so that you’ll know how to grocery shop before you go to college.

love forever,




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