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the one about the bat-crap crazy chemistry teacher

dear silly girl,

i dropped a class this afternoon and for good reason.

fall semester classes started today, and i got through anatomy and physiology just fine. i went to the computer lab, signed into my sociology class, and printed out homework. fine. went to my 12 o’clock chemistry class and met the most unprepared teacher i have ever seen.

she is the only chemistry teacher at my campus, and she’s all over the place. she literally paced the room the entire hour we were there. then she had us practice scientific notation instead of chemistry. she didn’t have the syllabus. she didn’t have our slides that we paid a good ol’ fee for.

she didn’t have a clue what she was doing.

and then she shared the good news that we shouldn’t be surprised if the class average for our lecture exams end up around a 44.

i almost fell out of my chair.

a 44? that’s like 20 points below failing.


i don’t fail classes. i don’t know how to fail. and i can’t afford to fail!

i need a 4.0 gpa in order to transfer to my program at the other school next fall and so far, i have it.

failing is not an option.

so i dropped her class like a ballet dancer on a bench press. hard.

but of course, i still have to take organic chemistry. there is no way around it, much to my dismay. so i had to sign up for the only other available class. it starts at 8:00 a.m., an hour away, first thing in the morning.

what does that mean for you, little pumpkin? well, that means that your mama is going to be dragging you out of bed around 6:00 a.m. to take you to Gran’s, which is 20 minutes in the other direction, and then heading to school at the crack of dawn.

oh, joy of all joys for us all!

i might add that this class is at the pendleton campus where most of the recently graduated high school students go. hooray! i hope they all have to take prerequisites for this class or i just might die of annoyance. it’s not that i don’t love ’em, cause i do, but is it necessary to say “like” every other word? or to talk about your sex life in the library? no, it isn’t. it truly is not.

so there you have it, sweet pea.

life doesn’t always go as planned.

not even when you’ve bought the book and paid for the class.

love forever,



2 thoughts on “the one about the bat-crap crazy chemistry teacher

  1. I think the course catalog should carry a symbol for “bat-crap crazy.” Similar to the way the Zagat guide has icons so you can quickly see what you’re in for. As for 8:00 a.m., there’s a chance the recent grads may be too sleepy to be like…you know….real chatty 🙂

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