just letters

the one with an update on yoda and a sucky week

dear silly girl,

i sold yoda. i drove a whole 20 minutes away to rid the storage room of his presence. his new owners are thrilled, and i am happy for us both. i just wanted to let you know about that in case you were losing sleep at night or totally embarrassed that i wrote about owning a yoda and people we don’t know are reading this.

…this week hasn’t been so great. on monday, while i was carrying you to the car and it was raining cats and dogs, i slipped on the bottom step and down we went. i managed to block you from getting hurt, but my arms weren’t so lucky. at least it wasn’t my butt this time. that was last time. { i had to sit on a pillow at work. classy. } you were so very sweet and tearfully asked me if i was alright. you tell me to be careful every time i walk down the steps now. such a little mama.

then, i received notice from our insurance company that they’re not going to pay anything on your 2 hour operating room stay. yay for us! we were also billed double what the dental office told me to expect and bonus!: for some reason, the office manager at the dentist’s office isn’t returning my phone calls. maybe she’s expecting massive conflict. i don’t know why since my personality does not hint to that at all, but it may hint to that if this can’t be fixed and i have to go up there, dang it!

and in light of new information, you will never be going back to this particular dentist again.

… i hate getting up at 5:30 two days a week. i’m doing it with the help of our coffee pot, but i’m not a fan.

… i pulled the string to raise one of the blinds in the kitchen last night and totally pulled the blind out of the window. it broke off of the thingys that hold it in the window. apparently, i don’t know my own strength.

… you love school buses. you especially love for me to be behind them so you can see all the little children getting off the bus. this is not as enjoyable for me, but if it will allow me to get you home for your nap, i’ll do it. i’m high on diesel, but naps are more important than lungs.

… hollywood game night comes on tonight and i can’t wait! i’m not really a game show kind of girl, but this one i love. it’s mostly celebrities who have been on saturday night live playing games like name that candybar and sing this song without singing, but it totally rocks. just trust me. it’s something to look forward to when you’re an old maid.

… i may or may not have eaten chocolate frosting out of the jar with a spoon this afternoon. there were no witnesses and therefore no proof.

… you may or may not have peed on your grandmother this week.

it’s been rough, but do you know what tomorrow is?


i’m gonna be spending all weekend making flashcards for biology and trying to convert prescription dosages for chemistry, but that doesn’t matter. it’s friday and i get to sleep in!

gotta focus on the positive, my dear!

and no more peeing on gran.

love forever,


The porch pretty much attacked me.

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