just letters

the one about why i tell you about crappy days

dear silly girl,

as you know from my most recent letters, things have not been going so well. i want to tell you why i’ve decided to inform you all about these glorious inopportune moments instead of omitting them from the record. i tell you about our crappy days because i know that in just a couple years, things won’t be this hard. we’ll have a completely different life.

and that’s a great thing!

i think it’s important for you to know that life hasn’t always been easy because one day you may have to deal with a variety of struggles, too. it’s tempting to look at people and think they’ve always had it good and things have always worked out for them, but that’s usually not the case. everyone (who isn’t a Hilton) goes through a period of life where they have to bust their butts and get creative just to make it through. and everyone has those weeks where everything goes wrong. as much as they suck, i think it’s important to go through these times when you’re younger so that you appreciate life when it’s good and things are working out.

take yesterday for example. not only have i had the roughest week ever dealing with this dental nonsense, jerking the blind off the wall, and having a running toilet which produced a sky-high water bill, yesterday, while being sweet and doing aunt jennifer a favor, i pulled into her driveway, ran right over God only knows what, and managed to get myself a flat tire.

yeah. it’s been a monster of a week.

i thought about crying, but resisted the urge. instead, i got on the phone and started calling around for tire prices.

i had my meltdown moment the other day after getting yet another bill from your dentist, for re-cementing the crown that he had put in only 2 weeks earlier, so i was pretty much done with crying and being angry. i decided that apparently God thinks i need a little bit more character and all i can do is suck it up and deal with the craptastic luck i’ve had.

because that’s what grown-ups do.

in light of my crappy week, i wanted to tell you that i will always be here to help you in whatever way that i can. if you blow out your tires and don’t have money for new ones, i will get you some tires. if you are anything like me, having someone help you out is tough. i hate owing anyone anything. i would rather starve than take a dime from anyone. but i hope you’re not quite that extreme. i hope you do everything in your power to handle things yourself, but know when to ask for help.

i have no intentions of teaching you to think that things are just going to be handed to you. most people who have had it like that all their lives do not know how to do anything for themselves when there’s no one there to bail them out. i don’t want you to be like that.

but i also don’t want you to be so stubborn and hard-headed that you suffer instead of making a phone call.

i’m always here, and i’ll help you when you need it.

except in the case of snake removal. if it’s a snake problem, you’re on your own.

love forever,



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