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the one about saying thank you

dear silly girl,

“he didn’t even say thank you.”

that’s what the men who had just spent 30 minutes to an hour in the hot sun taking tires off and putting tires on a small truck said to me after the man who was ahead of me got up and left without showing any appreciation for their work.

it really struck me.

while i was waiting underneath a shaded carport, i kept thinking, “man, this would be a tough job.” it was hot, the tires were probably very heavy, and that most definitely makes for a long day.

the men working on these tires aren’t white collar, air conditioned businessmen. they work hard all day.

and all they expect is a thank you.

when he told me that the man before me didn’t say thank you, the only thing i could think to say to soften the blow was “he didn’t seem to have much of a personality.” but that of course doesn’t make it right.

they started putting my tires on and i watched them. i thought about how so many people are just like them. they work hard everyday and don’t get even the smallest token of appreciation. they’re probably even looked down on by most people.

they finished up with my car, i paid, and made a special point to thank them. i would have done that anyway, but it was even more important under the circumstances.

i hope you will always say thank you. not just to the man putting your tires on, but to everyone who does something for you. it doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing. it doesn’t matter if it’s a big thing. and it doesn’t even matter if the person you are saying it to acknowledges that you said it. it’s just important that you do.

and thank your mama sometimes!

you know for letting you use all of my paint, for making you dinner and not grounding you for life when you toss it in the floor, for bringing you prizes everyday after i get out of school, for letting you paint your nails with my nail polish, and for letting you run around in the yard while mosquitoes snack on my flesh. i don’t know why they don’t bite you, but you are blessed.

it’s just a thought.

but seriously… be gracious, be kind, be thankful.

make your mama proud.

love forever,



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