just letters

the one where things get better

dear silly girl,

life is getting better.

the toilet is fixed. the faucet is fixed. the screen door is fixed. things are getting fixed. this is good.

the house is also spotless thanks to a 3 hour power-cleaning session i had this afternoon. i like it like this. why is it not like this everyday?

oh, there you are! {i say this with all the love in my heart and the bleached skin on my hands.}

…i spoke to the office manager at your dentist’s office this morning, and things are going to get better there, too. they wrote off the charge for re-cementing your crown, gave me a pre-certification number where they pre-certified your dental work with our medical insurance, and changed your post-op appointment for me. needless to say, i’m not mad anymore.

my first reaction was very human. i wanted to scream, cuss, and throw things at them. i wanted to key their cars.

but yesterday, Jesus told me i couldn’t. He told me that if i did that, then i might discourage someone from becoming a christian if they found out that i was one after i threw a disturbingly un-adult fit.

it’s a good thing i went to church yesterday.

anyway, so things are getting better. i feel like i’m getting out of my funk. i’m getting a whole new set of tires put on my car tomorrow to counter the tire problems. i’m going to call the medical insurance and hope for a miracle. i’m going to keep on keeping on.

i already have all of my homework finished and have made about 4,000 flashcards. i have chemistry tomorrow and wednesday i’m dissecting a rat. saying that it’s against my morals isn’t an option. luckily, my lab partner has already told me that she enjoys cutting into things.


but score for me! she can cut and i can observe and name organs. i will finally realize every girl’s dream! it’s gonna be great!

so, the bad week is officially over and headed in a better direction.

thank the Lord!

now if only i could have a chocolate ice cream cone or a nutty buddy, everything would be quite wonderful.

sounds like a job for daddy. i’ll have to get him right on that.

and hey…

i love you.

love forever,






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