just letters

the one about chocolate milk, tantrums, and tests

dear silly girl,

it’s been a day.

i understand that chocolate milk is totally awesome, but if you wake me up twice in the middle of the night again (at 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., respectively), i’m going to put you on the all water system for the rest of your childhood! capisci?

i had to get up at 5:30 so i could go to my 8:00 class anyway, and on those days i already don’t get enough sleep. i was grumpy to say the least. then this afternoon we had to go drop off our consignment crap goodies and it was hot as blue blazes.

4000 degrees = sweaty and unhappy mama & kidlette.

you fell asleep on the way there, and i had to wake to you up when we got there.

interrupted nap = uncooperative child.

you decided that it would be a great idea to run from me in the recreation building where the sale was held. and here’s the thing: what exactly can one do when alone in a giant store and his or her two year old takes off like a Kenyan in the olympics? i told you to stop running. i counted out my warning. you kept going around and around the tables, having a glorious time, with your poor mama chasing along behind you. i couldn’t just stand there in case a kidnapper decided that they desired a two year old that doesn’t listen.

so i chased you and threatened as much as i am legally allowed. then a grandma helped me out by blocking your way. you must have said “excuse you” to her or something because she said, “no, excuse you.” several times, sounding very annoyed. i was split between being thankful she stopped you for me and ready to pounce in the event that i felt she was being rude to my baby.

anyhow, i snatched you up and we left. toyless. prizeless. you were devastated and i didn’t exactly feel overjoyed. you yelled, you screamed, you reminded me that i didn’t buy you a toy all the way home.  i want to give you everything that i can, but i refuse to reward you when you don’t listen or when you make me run and sweat. i only like to sweat when i’m choosing to do so.

so now you know.

… you are hooked on the creepiest youtube video ever. as i have mentioned before, you love goldilocks and the three bears and you love to search for goldilocks cartoons on youtube from time to time. but this one is the weirdest video ever. in case you want to see goldilocks all creepy and weird, here ya go:

… one of daddy’s coworkers is dating his own stepsister. i know they’re not blood, but it’s gonna be an interesting christmas in that house.

… i made a 100 on the biology quiz i took yesterday. i mention this because the girls i sit with in lab argued with me that i put the wrong answer while listing the organelles of the cell. but apparently, i did not. nana nana boo boo.

nana nana boo boo = super mature.

moral of that little story is never doubt yourself. sometimes you will be the minority and you will still be right.

and since i am sleepless in south carolina, that is all the wisdom and anecdotes i have for you today, my love.

now straighten up and go to bed!

love forever,




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