just letters

the one where you read to me

dear silly girl,

i finally got our library card today. i checked out three children’s books and we’ve already read them about 100 times. i checked out Good Boy, Fergus by David Shannon, Duck on a Bike by David Shannon, and Llama Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney. you love them all, but Good Boy, Fergus is definitely your favorite of the three. you love the story, the illustrations, and you die laughing when he scratches fergus’ belly and baby talks to him. i love that you love it.

but the very best thing of all is when i ask you to read it to me. you start out by adding your own introduction.

once upon a time, a little girl

fergus has a monkey. good morning, sunshine! come on fergus. silly fergus. fergus got his feet muddy! take a bath fergus. he’s got crazy hair. he put cream on his food. good night fergus.

it. is. so. adorable.

my eyes water. my throat grows a lump. i am a hormonal mess.

what is it that happens as soon as you have a child that suddenly makes your tear ducts go into over drive? i used to tease gran, mema, and aunt jennifer for crying during tv shows and movies. now, the ending of wreck it ralph can make me tear up. what the heck, man!

so when you’re older and i cry when you tie your shoes, start talking to boys, pick out your own school clothes, make friends, get a part in the school play, sing in a chorus concert, get your first job, graduate, get accepted to college, move away, come back, get married, and have children, just know that i can’t help it.

it’s all your fault! you and an over abundance of estrogen.

love forever,



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