just letters

the one about what home is

dear silly girl,

i am nostalgic to a fault.

i think about all of the tiny little things that make a home a home all the time. almost everyday. i base my idea of what makes home feel like home off of gran and papa’s house. their house has always been home to me. i hope that i can create that same feeling in you and that one day you will look back at so many things with a little bit of nostalgia, too.

when i think of home, i think about lots of sunlight coming through cream-colored sheers. about gran humming hymns while sitting in her chair. about someone always being in the kitchen. i think about the smell of popcorn. about hyacinths in the spring, and white twinkly lights at Christmas.

it’s the the little things that make a home.

i hope to add a few things to your idea of home. i can’t pick out what things they will be because that’s up to you. i just hope that you will look back and feel happiness. i hope a little part of you will always long to be here again.

and i hope that it’s love that reminds you of home.

even more than hazelnut coffee creamer.

love forever,



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