just letters

the one about mama’s current obsessions and such

dear silly girl,

i think i need a 12-step program.

i am currently obsessed with oikos tradional greek yogurt. it has to be oikos. it has to be traditional. after that, any flavor will do. i have been searching for the vanilla coconut flavor to no avail, but lime is my second favorite and it’s always in stock.

you are currently painting your face with devouring my strawberry oikos. it’s better than giving you sweets i guess.

… i’m considering creating baby thongs. what’s the difference in those and in every single pair of panties you own (all the correct size, all different brands) staying up in there anyway?

… i found a new website today that has me all giddy. it’s called Thrift Books. i’m going to go buy a visa i can load tomorrow (because i don’t trust buying online and neither should you) and try them out. if the books i receive really are in good condition, i may never buy from a book store again.

that’s a lie. i’ll definitely buy from a book store again. but i may get to buy more books doing it this way.

speaking of books, we are in love with all things David Shannon right now. just like everyone else. i’ve been waiting on two of his books to be checked in at the library. i resisted the urge to snatch one of them from a child’s hands the other day. she and her mother were sitting in the floor, blocking the entire section, so i couldn’t beat them to it. drat.

our my favorite David Shannon book right now is Alice the Fairy. it’s adorable. you love it, too, but you don’t understand all the details like your 100 year old mother does.

i say 100 because that’s how i feel right now. in the past week, i’ve managed to pick you up weird and pull something in my lower back, and about five minutes ago, i twisted funny and now my shoulder blade hurts. i’m falling apart.

… if you ever start having trouble falling asleep, may i recommend that you read Sociology 14th Edition by Pearson Custom Library. not because it’s interesting, but because by the time you get to the second paragraph, your eyelids will feel like lead.

… i took my first anatomy and physiology test yesterday. my professor said she’d have our grades up last night. she still hasn’t put them online. i’m on edge.

… you had your post-op dental appointment today. apparently, i am doing a wonderful job. those words came right out of your dentist’s mouth. you didn’t have any new problems and you’re scheduled for your 6 month cleaning. you cried the whole time, but didn’t fight him. i was so proud. we’re making progress. anytime a health professional is not maimed during our visit, it’s a success.

… i’m craving popcornopolis popcorn. and there isn’t a store within 100 miles of our house. dang it.

… i’m buying a few Christmas presents this weekend, and i’m so excited! sure, it’s not even close to halloween yet, but i don’t care. i’ve got to be prepared. that little people disney princess castle is as good as bought. we buy you a limited amount of gifts because we don’t want Christmas to be all about that. you’ll understand one day. but i’m excited as crap about getting your stuff this year! you’re finally old enough for it to be fun.

but enough of that.

our entire family, beginning with you, has been passing around a lovely summer cold.

summer colds suck. they never go away.

but let me tell you something that isn’t in all of those baby and toddler books that we all read before having our first child: you don’t know what true love is until you’ve picked a booger out of another person’s nose.

it’s the honest truth.

love forever,



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