just letters

the one about happenings from the last week


dear silly girl,

chemistry teachers suck. that’s all i’ll say about that.

… you were so adorable on the playground this past weekend. we took you to the “castle” park in Anderson. a little girl who was probably 8 years old let  you tag along with her and you loved that. but when she decided to play with kids her own age, it broke your heart. you said, “i want to find her. she’s my sweet girl. i love her.” it. was. precious.

… you currently think it is awesome to lick my face out of the blue and tell me you’re a puppy. it’s totally gross.

… jacob’s birthday party was this past saturday and while you were in the giant blow-up bounce house with daddy, it started to deflate.

you freaked out.

you screamed, you cried, you vowed (apparently) to never enter a bounce house again. it was pitiful.

you decided that running laps was more your speed. when we got home, jumping on the bed was your activity of choice. you were exhausted and passed out at 8:30. hallelujah!

… my face has managed to warp back in time and thinks it’s 16 again. hence, i’m breaking out like crazy. no 27-year-old woman should be in the market for something like noxema or sea breeze. it’s riduculous.

now if only my 16-year-old body would decide to reappear.

… i checked out five more books for you on friday. they were all stinkers except one.

i like cats by patricia hubbell was right up your alley. you love cats and animals of any kind. we read it again and again and again. i quickly went to the library today in search of a new batch.

since i was already there perusing for you, i meandered up the stairs to the adult nonfiction. i love for people to tell stories, but not the fake kind. i’m just not a fiction kind of girl. i picked up Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession by Erma Bombeck and When Did I Get Like This? by Amy Wilson. both contain humor, both are stories about motherhood. since all of our family members are nut bags and raise their children in weird ways, i had to seek an outside source to feel some common ground.

i’m not really sure when i am suppose to have time to read them in between studying about the skelton, tissues of the body, balancing craptastic chemistry equations, and reading the most boring subject ever (sociology), but i’m sure i’ll find the time. when i’m not doing that or cleaning this house and cooking dinner, i’ll carve out a few minutes to read.

i really need to work on my attitude. 😉

… to balance out all of the hostility i am currently feeling towards my chemistry professor, i have decided to bake brownies from a box.

quick, easy, and dirty.

they were originally purchased for daddy because brownies are his favorite. {he doesn’t like most sweets, but when he has a craving, he goes all the way} but now they are turning into a comfort that i know better than to eat. if only i had some vanilla ice cream to top it off.

i really hope you do not pick up emotional eating thanks to my letters.

if you do, i’m going to blame chemistry and all bureaucrats attached to it.

love forever,



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