just letters

the one where you lecture daddy

dear silly girl,

we’ve been having a lot of chats lately. 

for some unexplained reason, you suddenly feel like peeing in your panties isn’t so bad, no matter how we discourage it. we’ve had discussions, you’ve stood in the corner. and yet, you still do it. and you know you shouldn’t. that’s what i don’t understand. 

when i take you to potty, you tell me, “i not stand in the corner either,” and i know that you’ve done it once again. 

i am even more positive that you understand that this is a no-no because you’ve been lecturing daddy a lot.

i was laying in bed, reading, and blissfully ignoring everyone when i looked over and saw your hand over daddy’s mouth. you were serious. you looked him in the eye and said verbatim, “look at me. don’t pee in your panties no more. that’s a no-no. don’t do it.”

now to clarify, daddy has not, to my knowledge, been peeing in his panties. i’m sure i would have noticed while doing the laundry if he had. so this could only mean that you have memorized the speech i give you {including my directions to look at me} when you have, for the 4000th time, peed in your panties.

you don’t do it completely. just enough to make it necessary to have new panties put on and require me to do a load of laundry every single stinking day.

and you know how i feel about laundry.

i am not a fan.

so this letter is to tell you that it would be great if you’d stop doing this soon. move on to something else. there could even be a new speech for you to memorize and boss daddy with.

it’s just a thought.

love forever,



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