just letters

the one about the tub drain, science, and apple orchards

dear silly girl,

you have a deep, unsettling fear of the tub drain, and i can’t, for the life of me, figure out why. you haven’t almost lost a limb or finger to the drain. no precious tub toys have lost their lives in there. i don’t know why this is suddenly happening. if you are made to be in the tub by yourself, you cry and try to jump out because you know that that drain is down there under the bubbles. and since you have good parents that don’t want you to be in fear of anything that we’re in control of, there has been a lot of bathing suit-wearing going on in the tub. if this continues, we will be the only people on this side of the globe drying out suits daily.

… it’s that time of year again. i have not had the heat or air on in 3 days. the hvac unit is taking its yearly vacation. it’s around 70 degrees during the day and 60 at night. it. is. awesome. and it will only last probably 2 more weeks before we completely transition from summer to winter. why fall can’t be the longest season of the southern year, i’ll never understand.

… i have been rocking some biology! i made an A on my midterm and a 99 on my test this morning! a ninety-flipping-nine! it cost me a serious headache, but i’m okay with it. now chemistry on the other hand, blows. big time. i made an 86 on my first chemistry test which is equivalent to a 100 in my book. my lab professor still hasn’t graded our midterms for that class and that’s just fine by me. you should always be suspicious of teachers that brag about their low overall test averages. they are up to no good.

… we’re planning to head up to Sky Top Orchard next weekend. their apple cider doughnuts will make you wanna slap your mama. {but in your case, you really shouldn’t.} i’m dreading looking forward to chasing you all over the mountain with a wagon full of winesap and granny smith apples. last year, you threw a nice little fit all the way back up the mountain because we made you leave the sheep / goats / whatever that you had been feeding for four hours. okay, it might not have been four hours, but it was long enough. i’m hoping for better behavior this year, young lady.

come to think of it, our visiting the orchard may be why you think it is perfectly okay to walk into a grocery store, pick up an apple, and take a bite.

anyway, brain is still mush.

love forever,



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