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the one about driveway sand castles and pointless cat dissections

dear silly girl,

we’ve been making a lot of sand castles lately.

daddy takes the water hose, dampens the dirt in the driveway, and then we sit in the dirt and play with beach toys. it’s your favorite thing. we never actually have anything that resembles a castle, but we’re making castles nonetheless. i think it’s really a secret ploy to see if little tiny rocks can actually embed themselves in my backside, but we’re castle builders dang it!

… if i see one more picture of stupid miley cyrus in a leotard with her tongue out, i’m gonna break something. she annoys me. and i annoy daddy because i’m so annoyed by her. i didn’t even watch snl this past saturday because she was the host, and i never miss snl.

… i have a chemistry test in the morning and if everyone could put me on their prayer list, i’d be very appreciative.

… i’m waiting on an $80 rebate that i was suppose to get for buying $600 in tires. it still hasn’t come. do rebates ever really come?

… currently, you are standing on the porch making punching motions very slowly, and telling me that you’re doing karate like brandon. after you punch a few times, you jump up and down, and then shake your butt. if that’s what brandon is doing in karate, i’m concerned.

… i had to do my cat dissection today in biology and i’m even more certain that it’s a completely pointless activity. the reason they make us do cats is supposedly so we can find all the muscles that they have that are similar to ours. problem is, there was so much fat and connective tissue on our cat that i couldn’t have told you what a single muscle on the cat was. i knew the vicinity it was suppose to be in, but couldn’t really tell you what anything was. and please explain this to me, what does dissecting rats, cats, and looking at cadavers have to do with dental hygiene? nunca.

… you and i have been practicing our witch skills by running around the house on broom sticks {and a mop for me}. you keep trying to get me to go outside, but the neighbors can totally see over our fence into our backyard. i’m not sure i’d be given the chance to explain that we’re just very into halloween this year.

… i used a hairdryer for the first time in months this morning. the verdict: my hair was still frizzy, but i’m sure it was a step up from the weird ball i pull my hair into on a daily basis.

… i don’t like peanut butter unless it’s inside of a reese’s cup, but today when we went to the store you picked out a pack of peanut butter m&m’s and now i’m craving them. of course, i’d probably settle for anything chocolate right now, but that’s beside the point.

it’s time to study once again.

do i sound bitter?

i feel bitter.

love forever,




2 thoughts on “the one about driveway sand castles and pointless cat dissections

  1. I think if you did some of Brandon’s karate moves before you study, you would feel better. But make sure you put down the mop first. One crazy move at a time 🙂 Good luck tomorrow with Chemistry!

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