just letters

the one about 2-year-olds and skating parties

dear silly girl,

well, the chemistry test is over. i had one mental block, but did the best i could, and now it’s done. whatever will be will be.

i stayed after my test to help aunt jennifer in the computer lab and ended up finishing my sociology work as well. this frees me up to focus on studying for anatomy, reading as much as i can, selling lawn equipment that we will no longer need after our move, and preparing for daddy’s surgery.

and napping.

napping is very important.

one of the girls in my chemistry class was all upset about having to get up at 6:00 a.m. to study before our test. i hope she enjoys being 18 while it lasts. i wish i had slept more. 🙂

… currently, our government is shut down. i’m not one for politics because i carry the idea that all politicians are liars, but this shut down is a big deal. it’s hurting our economy, our military, federal employees, and students, among others. i’m already worrying about how i’ll be able to pay for school if our government can’t get their crap together. i don’t understand how people that are supposed to be qualified for these positions are allowed to retain them when their citizens’ futures are clearly not one of their priorities. but that’s as much as i’ll say about that.

… this weekend is papa’s birthday. {happy birthday, pop!} i’m going to scoot on down to strossner’s bakery to pick up his chocolate cake saturday. then sunday we’ll grill, eat cake, and then race to a skating party for a 2 year old.


i wasn’t aware that 2 year olds could skate, so i now feel like i have somehow not prepared you for this momentous occasion. i am a grown woman and i can’t skate. roller blade? yes. skate with four wheels under my feet? nope. it’s weird, i know.

i’m terrified that it’s going to be lots of crying and screaming by several young children with knots on their heads. i plan to spend our time there holding your hands, wearing regular ol’ shoes, and praying that you do not bust your head open or lose any of your $22,000 teeth. {yep, $22,000. you read it and i’ll weep.}

i have a feeling this party is going to be more stressful than fun. i’ve already let the host know that we probably won’t be there on time. 4 hours of falls and almost falling is more than i can take. we’re gonna be unfashionably late, but bearing gifts nonetheless. this party is for jeremiah, who belongs to my friends cindy and rasu. I missed his first birthday party last year and haven’t been let off the hook since. we. are. going.

it will be fun!!

i hope.

love forever,



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