just letters

the one where Cigna pays up!

dear silly girl,

i know i’ve whined an awful lot about the insurance company not paying for your hospital stay for your dental work, but guess what???

they’re gonna pay!

i’m so flipping happy! i feel 20 pounds lighter. {why 20, mom? ’cause that’s how much i’m still trying to lose from carrying you around for 9 months. that’s why.}

i did the math the other night and if they hadn’t paid, i would be paying on your teeth until i was 90 years old. yeah. 63 years is a long time.

but i don’t have to now! the hospital, the dental office, and myself appealed the claim to death and we won!


{cue jumping, screaming, smiling, cartwheels, ahhhhhhh!}

just let me have my moment, people.

{moment still taking place….}

i just wanted you to know that you no longer have to keep that bubble wrap helmet around your precious head. i will allow you to relax just a little.

very little. 😀

happy, happy, happy!

love forever,




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