advice and wisdom

the one about pans and ebelskivers



dear silly girl,

it’s saturday. it’s raining and cool. we didn’t go to bed until 2 a.m. so we slept until 10. it was wonderful! you woke me up asking for tea and a movie. since i’m sick of all of your movies, i decided to search for cartoons.

what happened to saturday morning cartoons? saturday used to be the day to hover around the tv. now, nada. spongebob and a weird puppet show were your only choices. we both know how i feel about spongebob so it was weird puppets for you!

daddy was still in the bed so i started coffee, eggs, tea, and toast. i brought erma along because for some reason i always think i can read and cook at the same time. this, of course, is not true. the book just lays there in my way, but i bring it every time.

speaking of cooking, let me give you this bit of advice – if you run out of non-stick spray, don’t think for a second that you can cook on non-stick pans without anything sticking. it will stick every time. just buy a good pan and a gallon of non-stick spray and don’t worry about anything the sales people claim.

and don’t buy an ebelskiver.

about five years ago, i liked window shopping at williams-sonoma and pottery barn. lord knows i couldn’t afford to buy anything in either store, but occasionally i’d do it anyway. the ebelskiver was my only williams-sonoma purchase.

i was so excited about this stuffed pancake ball pan. {that’s basically what it is.} we weren’t, and still aren’t, big pancake eaters so i don’t remember why i thought i had to have this pan.

but i tried to make it worth the money i spent. i tried putting jam inside the pancake balls. i tried chocolate. i tried syrup. i tried everything. the problem was flipping the little balls over. it made a horrendous mess, poured the toppings out of the centers, and never looked like the pictures in the magazine. it was a $50 bust. it’s still sitting in the pan cabinet. i haven’t used it in years, but can’t bring myself to get rid of it. maybe when you grow up and move out one day, i’ll send it with you so it can collect dust in your pan cabinet and therefore make it unnecessary for you to purchase one yourself.

this is my grand cooking advice. full of kitchen wisdom, i am. {says yoda}

just do yourself a favor and buy a waffle maker instead.

love forever,



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