favorite things

the one about my favorite things about you right now

dear silly girl,

you have changed so much in such a short time that i’m afraid if i don’t write these things down, i won’t remember them. and let’s face it: i can barely remember my reason for walking into a room lately.

so here goes.

my favorite things about you right now are:

  • you can eat almost a bag of apples by yourself in one sitting.
  • and a bag of marshmellows.
  • you would rather have fruit and vegetables than junk food.
  • you can still wear footie-pajamas and they are adorable!
  • you had your first experience trick or treating where you actually understood what was happening and you loved it! you only took one piece of candy from each person and only took candy at all if they held the bowl down for you. you weren’t sure about spooky sounds or women dressed as witches. you opened almost all of your candy, took one bite, and threw it back in the bucket. brandon ate a few pieces, daddy stole a payday, and mama had a kitkat. we have big plans for halloween on thursday.
  • your hair is finally starting to grow out a little bit.
  • you love pumpkin pie.
  • you keep telling people that we already have our Christmas tree. people think we’re hillbillies.
  • you like to stand in front of the mirror and make faces, cry, or shake your butt. you mostly do this when you should be standing in the corner.
  • you love jamberry by bruce degen, the llama books by anna dewdney, and all books about snow and snowmen. we read snowmen all year by carolyn buehner just today.

i may not notice everything, but i do notice quite a bit. it’s my memory that fails me. i blame lack of sleep and constant studying. i can’t wait to be finished with school so that i can just focus on our time together. by the time i finish, you’re going to be starting kindergarten and i’m going to be sitting in front of the school for 8 hours waiting for you to get out. but that’s a sad little story for another day.

keep keeping it real, kid.

love forever,



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